Viewing Messages and Attachments from Ceterus

Emails from Ceterus Support

As your bookkeeper, we send emails to communicate questions related to your financials or clarify on items within your Edge Action Center. We have designated one primary email as the “open-item” contact to keep all needed items housed in one place. This individual will receive most of the communication from our support and accounting team.

Emails that come from Ceterus:

      • Come from through your inbox with "Ceterus Support"

        as the sender

      • May have the subject line [Request from Ceterus]

Emails that are critical to your financials are called Open Items:

      • These emails start with "Open Item" as the subject line and should be opened and addressed as soon as possible
      • Open items can also be addressed through Edge Action Center. If you choose to address them via email, your Action Center will also be updated once our team receives the message

Learn More About How to Resolve Action Center Items


Some Open Items will contain attachments that need your attention. You can view any attachments in Edge Action Center or by simply opening the attachment in the email message.

Attachments from Ceterus:

      • Can be found at the bottom of the email message under the Ceterus signature
      • Appear as a hyperlink instead of an image preview. To open the attachment, click the hyperlink

More Questions? Email Ceterus Support

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