Scheduling a Call with my Customer Success Team

Ceterus uses vCita to efficiently schedule calls with their teams. This has proven to give owner's and their CSR teams dedicated time to prepare for the requested call and ensure we have plenty of time to discuss the matter at hand. Additionally, we are able to integrate this with Zoom so we can connect without having to verify contact information directly.

  How do I know my CSR team's scheduling link?

A list of Customer Success scheduling links can be found below for your industry.

Don't know your industry? Your Customer Success Team is usually any CSR who has emailed you within the last month or two. If you're still not sure, email Ceterus Support and we can help schedule the call with the correct CSR.

Food Wellness Small Business Fitness

  Onboarding Stores

If you have any stores in Onboarding, you will need to schedule a call with your Onboarding Team for questions related to those stores.

Scheduling a Call Through vCita

  1. Choose a Customer Success vCita link to open the scheduling app
  2. You should be prompted to select a time for a 30 minute call


  3. On the calendar, click on any day that is black. The days that are greyed out are not available.image-2.png
  4. Once you click on the date, the available time options will appear.


    Please be aware of the time-zone populated. There is an orange message that will give you the option to change the time-zone if desired)image-3.png

  5. Once you have chosen a date and time, a “Booking Summary” page will appear to confirm. Once reviewed, click Continue.


  6. Fill in your contact information (Email, First and Last Name)


  7. IMPORTANT: Please fill out a description of what you hope to discuss on the call in the Notes section. The more details the better, as this will ensure your team is prepared.
  8. Click the blue “Confirm Booking” button
  9. Once you receive the “Confirmed” message, please also check your email for additional details to join the call.


More Questions? Email Ceterus Support

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