Who Works on My Financials?


A Team Approach

You are always supported by a team of trained professionals at Ceterus. Below is the breakdown of the team members and the role they play in completing your financials.

Financial Consultant (FC): Accounting Team
Each customer has a dedicated Financial Consultant who is assigned to help you manage and grow your business by providing advice and advisory services. They are a great resource for accounting and bookkeeping questions.

By design, our Financial Consultants are not involved in your day-to-day bookkeeping but instead available to help you manage and grow your business through advice and advisory services. The Financial Consultant has access to more senior professionals and subject matter experts within Ceterus.

You can contact your Financial Consultant by email at Ceterus Support, or by scheduling an appointment via a Zoom call

The Technological Advantage

While we do have professionals working on your financials, the technological advancements are what allows us to still have a personal and supportive approach to bookkeeping. Having your financials available on Edge Web at your disposal allows you to review on a more regular basis. Being a Ceterus customer allows you to have access to analytics and metrics in real-time - additionally, more support through live Webinars and Q&A sessions.

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