Quickbooks vs. Edge: The Benefits of Ceterus Edge

While Quickbooks is a portal we use as a part of our services for bookkeeping, Edge Web has many other benefits that will help empower you as an entrepreneur and run your business.

Edge extends QBO’s best-in-class accounting software to deliver actionable insights to grow and manage your business. Below will provide a comparison of what Quickbooks provides versus Edge Web.

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  • Edge lets certain franchises view key performance indicators related to new visitors, recurring visitors, and more
  • Edge features a Cash Forecasting tool which uses seasonal data to estimate how much money you’ll have in the bank at a certain time
  • Edge stores and lists vendor data through the Edge 1099 Manager to easily update eligible recipients during the 1099 season
  • Edge allows you to securely and easily update bank and financial credentials within the Edge application
  • Edge allows users to suggest coding and vendors for transactions we need more details on right within the application
  • Edge lists all outstanding items right within the Edge platform under the Action Center page, letting users solve items as they review their financials in one place
  • Edge calculates eligibility for PPP based on the data we have for your entities
  • Edge provides visualized data
  • QBO can only report and manipulate transactions
  • Edge provides comparisons to other stores in the same franchise or niche with the Benchmarks tool
  • QBO on its own can provide a few more reports than Edge - mostly along the lines of pulling information for specific vendors or customers - but Edge is quickly catching up
  • Edge allows multi-unit owners to easily view and compare multiple stores at once

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