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We are excited to announce a new Ceterus Edge tool: Transactions to Code! This Edge feature (launched March 2021) will allow you to conveniently review and provide details for transactions in question. 

As you are aware, our team needs information from you to close your books each month. Sometimes we have questions about specific transactions. Currently, we have asked for this information via Edge Action Center and an open item email, that includes a spreadsheet containing all "Ask Customer Transactions.” We’ve built this new functionality within Edge to replace this manual spreadsheet process with an easy way for you to suggest coding for these transactions, right inside our application.

Where do I find Transactions to Code?

Transactions to Code can be found in Edge under Action Center > Transactions to Code.

Who can view and suggest Transactions to Code?

The Open Item Contact for your location(s) can view the Transactions to Code page. If you are not the Open Item Contact, this page will not be visible in your Edge account.


Transactions to Code Functions

Transactions to Code has two views available for transactions

For Client Review Coded Transactions
This view will show what transactions Ceterus needs more clarity on before coding on your books. This is where you will be able to clarify vendor names, suggest categories to be coded to, or add comments about each transaction for your accountant to review.

Transactions will be organized by:

Date the transaction hit the bank
Location the transaction applies to
Operating Account, Organization Costs, etc.
Memo written on the transaction
Money Received
Amount of money received
Money Spent
Amount of money withdrawn

How to Suggest Coding in the For Client Review View

Suggestions can be made for the following fields:

Vendors may be listed if the transaction provides a clear vendor. If not, this will say Select a Vendor. In either case, you can adjust this by typing in a vendor name through the Vendor dropdown
Categories are populated based on the Chart of Accounts for each location, with the exemption of some accounts such as Fixed Assets. If you do not see a category or are not sure which category a transaction belongs, you can choose I Don't Know or review more examples of non-traditional transactions here
Provide more details related to the transaction for the accounting team to review. We recommend adding comments if a Vendor name is not populating, if you choose I Don't Know in the Category dropdown, or if there is other information we should know about the transaction overall
    1. Log into Ceterus Edge
    2. Go to Action Center > Transactions to Code
    3. Click on For Client Review view
    4. Under Vendor, click on the dropdown and type the name of the vendor
    5. Click Return/Enter
    6. Under Category, select the category you believe this transaction applies to. If you are unsure, choose I Don't Know
    7. Under Comment, choose Add
    8. Type your comment in the box if needed
    9. Click Submit
    10. Click Save

Not Sure How to Code a Transaction? Click Here

Sort and Filter Transactions

Utilizing the Sort and Filter functions in the top toolbar will aid in transaction lists that are longer or for multi-unit owners

Filter by a specific store or view all locations (multi-unit owners)
Sort by Most Recent Date, Alphabetically (Location, Description, or Vendor), or Amount from lowest to highest to manipulate the list
Filter Date range for transactions through a specific timeframe (month vs full year)
Filter a specific amount range (example: $0 - $1,000 only)

What Happens Next?

After saving your transaction changes, these transactions will be removed from your Transactions to Code view and your suggestions will be reviewed by your accounting team. This is to ensure that if we need further clarification on a transaction we can ask this from you before making an overall change. When a suggestion is approved by your accounting team, this change will be moved to the appropriate account on your books. If our team would have questions about the transaction suggestions, we will reach out to you for clarification before coding these to the suggested account.

Our goal is to update these as soon as your accounting team has approved the transactions.

You can always check if a suggestion has been coded by going into Edge and reviewing your financials during the Sneak Peek phase. Please provide us with 2-3 business days to process the suggestions you've made.

More Questions? Email Ceterus Support

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