A Glance into the Onboarding Process


When you decide to work with Ceterus, we are excited to get you implemented into our systems and begin providing you the promised work agreed upon during the Sales process. After all, you came to us to receive the financials, benchmarks, and consultation - and we are ready to begin work to deliver that for you.

 But not so fast!

Before we are able to get you to your designated team, we first need to have you complete our Onboarding phases. We know you may have questions along the way, so see below for a list of some common questions related to Onboarding, then take a look at the Phase process for more details!

How long does Onboarding take?
Generally, our aim is to have you through Onboarding and your financials active approximately 30-45 days after you complete your agreement with Sales. That being said, this is dependent on the items we receive during each phase, so it's important to keep an eye out for communication related to Onboarding to help you progress as quickly as possible.
Who will I be working with during Onboarding?
Your Onboarding team will consist of an Onboarding Success Rep (OSR) and Accounting Team. While your Accounting team manages the day-to-day set up of your financials, an OSR will be available to help ensure all items are received and any questions you have are answered along the way.

Phase 1: Kick-Off Call

In this first phase of the Onboarding process, we will familiarize ourselves with your business by gathering several crucial pieces of information from you, the owner. The sooner we're able to gather this information, the sooner we can get started.

What Do I Need to Provide to Move to Phase 2?

Structural Information
    • Legal Name, EIN, Entity Type
    • Start-Up Expenses
    • Loan Documentation (if applicable)
Online Access
    • Financial Institutions (Bank, Credit)
    • Point-of-Sale
    • Payroll
    • Sales Tax (if applicable)
Historical Documentation
    • Prior Tax Return
    • Previous Bookkeeping Data
    • Operating and/or Franchise Agreement

Phase 2: Onboarding

Once we've gathered all information needed to begin your Onboard, an accounting team with expertise in your specific brand will reconcile your business' finances from the beginning of the current fiscal year.

What Will Be Worked On Before Moving to Phase 3?

Chart of Accounts

We'll build a new Quickbooks Online file around your industry or brand's recommended Chart of Accounts. If you need to report to corporate, they'll want to see your books in this format


Our accounting team will clean-up all bookkeeping data since the beginning of the calendar year. When you complete Onboarding, Edge will house a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement from the first of the year through the month prior

Phase 3: Review

We're almost done! In this final phase, a Senior Accountant will perform a thorough audit of your financials to ensure accuracy

What Review is Conducted Before Going Active?


This review includes a comparison to the prior year tax return (if applicable) and a comprehensive review of the current year's Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement

Did We Miss Anything?

The Senior Accountant will review your portfolio to ensure that all data gathered during Phase 1 and Phase 2 has been properly taken into account


Implementation complete. You will be introduced to your Support Team as well as your Financial Consultant

What Happens Now?


Upon completion of all financial and administrative work, you will be alerted via email that your financials are available in Edge


Your Financial Consultant will work with you to schedule a live demo of Edge. Any re-classifications or coding changes you'd like made can be sent via email to Ceterus Support

More Questions? Email Ceterus Support

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