What Can I Expect During my Kick-Off Call?

One of the first steps of your Onboarding process will be to participate in a necessary Kick-Off Call with an Onboarding Success Representative (OSR). This Kick-Off Call is to go over the initial information needed to onboard your business(es) accurately and efficiently. Kick-Off Calls generally start with some basic questions related to the structure of your business, then move to discussing the access needed for any of your accounts.

What to Expect

Step 1: Ceterus Package Review

Before getting all the details for your business(es), your OSR may confirm the details of your Edge package agreed during the Sales process. This portion will:

    • Confirm your monthly or periodically financials due date and when you can expect to see your financials reflected in Edge
    • Walkthrough the notifications process for receiving your financials
    • Explain briefly the Open Item process and necessity in receiving those timely each month

Step 2: Customer Contact Information

We'll gather all contact information for you, the Owner, as well as any additional users you'll want to have access to your Edge location(s). We will also determine three main points of contact (as desired):

    • Open Item Contact: Who will manage your Open Items each month/period through Edge Action Center?
    • Primary Financial Close Contact: Who will receive notifications that your financials are closed each month/period?
    • Secondary Financial Close Contact (if applicable): Who else will receive notifications that your financials are closed each month/period?

Step 3: Business Details

We'll discuss any existing locations you may have with Ceterus if this is an additional location you're adding to your account. If not, we will move onto ensuring the legal business information is accurate through the following details:

    • Confirm Entity Type for each business
    • Confirm Equity Splits related to ownership percentages and names of owners
    • Confirm physical and legal addresses of each business
    • Confirm Federal EINs of each business
    • Confirm if any insurance is being paid for by each business

Step 4: History of Business

In order to make sure all details of your business are reflected and that any necessary documents are included, we'll ask a brief history about your business(es). These questions generally relate to:

    • Start Up Information
    • Prior Year Tax Information
    • Previous Quickbooks Data
    • Loans for the Business and/or Company Vehicles

Step 5: Financial Credentials

Lastly, we'll confirm over the phone credentials we need to set up to obtain access to your accounts. These are necessary in order to provide automated and efficient service to your financials each month/period. When available, third party access should be created for Ceterus so you don't have to assist as much with updating credentials whenever a password/username/or security question change is necessary. Some examples of credentials we generally need include:

    • Bank Account Credentials
    • Credit Card Account Credentials
    • Point-of-Sale Account Credentials
    • Payroll Credentials
    • Sales Tax (and possibly Local/City Sales Tax) Credentials (If Applicable)

Wrap Up

After we have discussed all necessary information, your OSR will explain the phases of Onboarding and how by working together we can expect to complete your location(s) Onboarding between 30-45 days. We also discuss how our billing process works, which starts during the entirety of the Onboarding process as we begin work with this information.


Since we work with a variety of brands and industries, we may have more specific questions in addition to these depending on what industry your business(es) fall into

You of course can always ask questions as needed along the way during this Kick-Off Call - our main objective is to ensure you feel comfortable as we move through the Onboarding phase and reaching that final phase where your financials are live, accurate, and available to you through Edge!

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