Introducing Edge Credential Manager!


We are excited to announce our new credential manager feature in Edge Web. As of February 2021, instead of sending your credentials via email, or having to fill out a form, you will be able to share credentials back to our team directly in Edge Action Center.

Why Credentials in Edge?

More Security
Updating your credentials in Edge allows for your updates to be saved directly in our system. Creating a tool to update these directly in Edge provides more security for your credentials, as opposed to using a third-party link or sending an email with this critical information.
High Priority
Credentials are shown as high priority items in Action Center, so you know right away what is an urgent item for your financials. Missing credentials have a large impact on Ceterus services including financial closing and accuracy, sales tax filings, 1099 amount figures, and/or tax preparations.
Visibility to Your Credential History
When you access the tool, the credentials we currently have will appear encrypted in the Credential Manager. By unhiding them, you can see the exact credential we had on file when the error occurred.

 What if I need to update my credentials before this is added to my Action Center?

From time to time, you might wish to update your credentials prior to Ceterus reaching out - perhaps your bank requests an update, you decide to change your password on your own, etc. If this is the case, we ask that you please email Ceterus Support letting us know that you have updated your credentials. Our team can manually update this for you, via phone call from a member of our Customer Success team

Edge Credential Manager Functions

Edge Credential Manager allows Open Item Contacts to:

    • Update username, password, additional fields and security questions directly in Edge
    • Enhance the security of your credentials
    • Manage your own credentials without third-party links or toolbars

Getting Started


  1. Log into Edge Web
  2. On the left sidebar, choose Action Center > Action Items
  3. If a credential needs to be reviewed, you’ll see: New Credential Request for [BANK/ACCOUNT] with a purple lock icon next to it. Click the Setup button on the right side
  4. A popup should appear. Choose Agree and Continue

Page 1: Login > Enter Your Credentials


On this page, you will find the URL, previous username (hidden) and previous password fields (hidden).

  1. To view the previous username or password, click on the blue eye icon on the right of the Username or Password box. This should reveal the full username or password we currently have been attempting to use to login.
  2. To make changes, simply delete what was inputted before and enter the new information


    Login credentials are case-sensitive. Be sure to correctly capitalize your username and password when inputting. If not entered exactly as these should be when logging into your account, an error will continue to appear for Ceterus when we reconnect, sending the request back to your Action Center.

  3. Click Continue

Page 2: Login > Confirm Access Type


This page is designed to help Ceterus understand who can update these credentials moving forward.

  1. Choose the appropriate access type for the credential

    If you, the credential owner, will continue to update this credential's details moving forward
    If we, Ceterus, have the full ability and tools to update this credential's details moving forward. This includes Multi-Factor Authentication, Security Questions, and Additional Fields where Ceterus is able to update all of this themselves without your assistance whatsoever
    I'm Not Sure
    If you are unsure whether you have full access to update the credential or if Ceterus has full access to update the credential
  2. Click Continue

Page 3: Login > Additional Fields


On this page, you will confirm if there are any other fields we may need to log into your account, such as a PIN Number, Company ID or Organization ID.


This is not the same as security questions, which will be handled separately if needed

  1. If your credential does not require any additional fields, choose No
  2. If you have any additional fields to add, choose Yes
      1. Click +Add
      2. Type the Field Name in Field Name (for example, Company ID)
      3. Type the Field Value in Field Value (for example, Ceterus123)


        This will be automatically hidden as you type. If you want to see the full value, click on the blue eye icon at the end of the Field Value box. Be sure to input this exactly as Ceterus would need to input to login since this is also case-sensitive

      4. If you need to remove a field, choose Remove
      5. Continue to add fields as needed by repeating the above steps
  3. Click Continue

Page 4: Security Questions


If Ceterus has reason to believe security questions are necessary to log into your account, this page will appear

  1. If your account does not have security questions associated with it, choose No
  2. If your account has security questions associated with it, choose Yes
      1. Any security questions we already have on file will appear in the fields (for example, What is the name of your first pet?)
      2. In the box next to the security question, the previous answer will be hidden. To view, click on the blue eye icon.
      3. To update, simply delete the previous inputted answer and retype with the correct answer


        Security answers are case-sensitive, so please input exactly as Ceterus should type this is when logging into the account

      4. If a security question needs added, choose +Add then input the correct details
      5. If a security question needs removed, choose Remove next to that security question



A confirmation page will populate when we have received all required information. Click Close to close out the popup. This will subsequently remove the item from your Action Items list.

More Questions? Email Ceterus Support

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