What's New! Edge Release Notes

Last Updated 06.21.21 with releases from June 2021

June 2021


  1. Edge Mobile Action Center: To ensure our customers receive results wherever they are, we've updated our Edge Mobile app in iOS to now feature Action Center, your go-to page for all items needed to quickly get your financials back on track and you back to running your business. This update now includes Transactions to Code, Credential Manager and Action Items so you can easily share documents and updates whether at home, traveling, or hey - even the grocery store! Download the app here for iPhone and iOS devices.

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May 2021


  1. 1099 Manager Data Updated for 2021: 1099 Manager now includes 2021 data so you can begin updating vendor information earlier throughout the year rather than waiting just before the filing deadline in January.
  2. 1099 Amount Breakdowns in Edge: 1099 Manager now has the ability for you to review 1099 amounts at a breakdown level.

March 2021


  1. Transactions to Code: Now you can suggest coding categories, vendors, and leave comments for pending transactions Ceterus may need to complete your financials
  2. Ceterus Support: Find answers to common questions, step-by-step guides to Edge features, and helpful demo tutorials in our new Ceterus Support Site!

February 2021


  1. Edge Credential Manager: Securely send us updated passwords, usernames, security questions, and additional credential updates directly through the Edge portal

January 2021


  1. 1099 Manager: 1099 season can be cumbersome, but with our 1099 Manager, you can update vendor information and track filing status all within the Edge portal
  2. PPP2 Eligibility: Our PPP2 Eligibility page will help you calculate and understand if you are eligible for any PPP2 Forgiveness based on your financial data
  3. Balance Sheet Tabs: We added Balance Sheet tabs "Standard," "By Month," and "Historical" to provide new ways to download and share these tabs with others on your team and to access the reports you need

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