How to Review and Edit Legal Business Information in 1099 Manager


It's important to ensure all legal business information is up-to-date in 1099 Manager since the IRS will not accept filings with invalid legal information. Follow the below steps to make sure your data is on track and accurate.

What Legal Business Entities do I need to review?

Legal Business Entities can be reviewed based on the Legal Business W9 Statuses.

Incomplete Status Complete Status
The Incomplete status is identified with a red x under the Legal Business W9 Status column

This means Ceterus is missing information that is required to file 1099s. Ceterus will not be able to file 1099s for a legal entity that is in this “incomplete” status.

That being said, we encourage you to still review entities regardless of status if you fit into one of the below exceptions:

    • This is your first year using Ceterus for 1099 filings
    • You have added additional stores or entities with us in the last year
    • Any legal business entities have changed address or legal information in the last year

If none of these exceptions apply, then it is safe to assume you only need to review legal entities that have an incomplete status.

Reviewing Legal Business Entities

In order to ensure accuracy, we encourage you to review the legal business entities each year.

  1. Log into Edge Web
  2. On the left sidebar, choose Action Center > 1099 Manager
  3. Choose the Legal Business Manager tab
  4. Confirm you are on the appropriate Tax Year by clicking on the dropdown Tax Year filter
  5. For each Legal Business Entity, click the + on the lefthand side
  6. Ensure all locations populating under Location Name are correct for this Legal Business Entity

      Something not right?

    If a location is added that should not be to this entity or a location is not under this entity and should be, submit a request to Ceterus Support so we can adjust this for you

  7. Review the following columns are reflecting accurately
      • Legal Business Name
      • Business Name (if applicable, such as a DBA)
      • Legal Business Address
  8. Since the last four TIN digits only populate under the TIN column, it's best to follow the Editing Legal Business Entity Information instructions to confirm this is correct.


Editing Legal Business Entity Information

To make edits to a legal business entity, follow the below steps.

  1. Log into Edge
  2. Go to Action Center > 1099 Manager
  3. Choose Legal Business Manager Tab
  4. For each entity you want to edit, select Edit under the Action column
  5. A popup should appear with required fields identified by a red *


    You must input all data at once when updating your legal business entity. Any required fields not inputted will not allow you to save until valid information is added.

  6. Once all required fields are inputted, select Save

More Questions? Email Ceterus Support

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