How to Review and Edit Vendor Information in 1099 Manager

Gathering vendor information is by far the most important step for 1099 season. Without quality vendor data, our team will not be able to file 1099s because the IRS will not accept the filings. The 1099 Primary Contact will need to input this vendor information into Edge each year for any vendors we do not have on file. This also is helpful for reviewing vendors from each year to ensure any changes within the year are reflected accurately (such as change in address).

Vendor Completion Statuses

Vendor completion can be tracked based on the Vendor W9 Status column.

Incomplete Status Complete Status
The Incomplete status is identified with a red Incomplete status under the Vendor W9 Status column

This means Ceterus is missing required information to file a 1099 for that vendor. Ceterus will not be able to file 1099s for a vendor that is in this “incomplete” status. The best way to find this information is to request an IRS Form W9 for any "incomplete" vendor as soon as they appear as Incomplete on your list.

That being said, we encourage you to still review vendors regardless of status if you fit into one of the below exceptions:

    • This is your first year using Ceterus for 1099 filings
    • This vendor applies to a new store you have added with Ceterus in the last year
    • Any vendors have notified you of changed address or legal information in the last year

Reviewing Vendor Information

In order to ensure accuracy, we encourage you to review the legal business entities each year.

  1. Log into Edge Web
  2. On the left sidebar, choose Action Center > 1099 Manager
  3. Choose the Filing Status tab
  4. Confirm you are on the appropriate Tax Year by clicking on the dropdown Tax Year filter
  5. If desired, select filters to adjust your list by:
      • Form Type: Choose which 1099 forms you want to view (MISC, INT, NEC)
      • Vendor W9 Status: Choose between viewing All statuses or just Complete or Incomplete
      • Filing Status: Choose to view All statuses, Vendors who need to be filed, Vendors who are pending, Vendors who have been filed, or Vendors who were not filed
      • Clear All Filters: Start again if you wish to clear everything and reset the list
  6. Review the following columns are reflecting accurately
      • Payer: The legal entity this vendor is applicable for

         Multi-Unit Owners and Vendors

        If you are a multi-unit owner where a vendor has done business with multiple locations, this vendor may show twice since we need to file that vendor separately for each location.

      • Vendor Name: The vendor being displayed under this column is the Edge Standard Vendor. Your location vendor name may vary.
      • Recipient Name: The vendor who is needing the 1099, either a company name or individual
      • Recipient Tax Classification: Is this recipient an LLC? A sole proprietor?
      • Form Type: Determined by Ceterus, but if you know the type should be NEC vs MISC please send a request to Ceterus Support
  7. To review the vendor's legal information from the W9, see instructions under Editing Vendor Information.

Editing Vendor Information

To make edits to a vendor, follow the below steps.

  1. Log into Edge
  2. Go to Action Center > 1099 Manager
  3. Choose Filing Status Tab
  4. For each vendor you want to edit or review legal details, select View/Edit under the Action column. If you don't see this on your screen, use the scroll bar at the bottom of the table to display the Actions column.
  5. A popup should appear with required fields identified by a red * under the Recipient tab. If data was input at one time, this will show what was added previously. If not, the fields will be blank.


    You must input all data at once when updating your recipient information. Any required fields not inputted will not allow you to save until valid information is added. This is why we recommend receiving the recipient's completed W9 prior to updating, as this should have everything you need to update in Edge.

  6. Once all required fields are inputted, select Save Changes
  7. If not immediately, the status of your Vendor should change from Incomplete to Complete once refreshed.

What W9 Boxes do I use to update Vendor information?

If you are using a W9 to fill in the details for your vendors (the most recommended way), you'll want to use the appropriate boxes for each field. Asterisks denote this is a required field.

1099 Manager Field W9 Box
Recipient Name* Name (Box 1)
Recipient's Second Name - DBA (Optional) Business Name/Disregarded Entity Name, if different (Box 2)
Recipient Tax Classification*

Federal Tax Classification (Box 3)

*If Limited Liability Company, this must have C, S or P listed next to this checkbox

Recipient Legal Business Address* Address (Box 5)
City* (Legal Business) City, State and Zip Code (Box 6)
State* (Legal Business) City, State and Zip Code (Box 6)
Zip Code* (Legal Business) City, State and Zip Code (Box 6)
Recipient Federal ID Type*

Part 1: Taxpayer Identification

If the number inputted is under Social Security Number, select SSN

If the number inputted is under Employer Identification Number, select EIN

Recipient TIN*

 Part 1: Taxpayer Identification

This is the number listed underneath either Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number

Recipient Email Add the vendor's email address if you would like to e-file for this customer (which takes minutes to receive versus approximately 2 weeks by mail). This may not be listed on the W9

Missing Vendors

It's important to understand that this list may be missing vendors if we are missing bank access, transactions, or clarity on vendor names. If after review of your vendors you believe a vendor is missing, please submit a request to Ceterus Support so we can look into this for you.

Additionally, you may find a vendor was listed and then no longer is on the list later on. This usually is due to the vendor being identified as ineligible after receiving the complete W9 details, such as the tax classification. If you are curious about what exceptions apply to vendors, please see more here.

More Questions? Email Ceterus Support


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