Checking a Vendor's Filing Status in Edge 1099 Manager


If you've experienced 1099 Season with Ceterus in the past, you may remember sending emails to our Support Team asking for a filing status for each vendor. Now, with Edge 1099 Manager, you can view these statuses directly in the 1099 Manager tool!

When does Ceterus begin filings for my vendors?

Ceterus will begin filing the last full week of January in order to meet the January 31st IRS deadline. Ceterus will only file for vendors in Complete status and for the amounts listed in Edge.

How will vendors receive their 1099s?

Ceterus will file 1099s according to two methods

eFiling Physical Filing
If a vendor's email address is provided in 1099 Manager, we will eFile for that vendor. They will receive their 1099 copy as an email PDF instead of directly in the mail usually within 24 hours after the filing.

To add a vendor's email address to Edge, follow the below steps:
      1. Log into Edge
      2. Go to Action Center > 1099 Manager
      3. Select Filing Status
      4. Select Tax Year > and this current tax year (Prior Tax Years are not editable)
      5. For the vendor needed, click "View/Edit W9 Info" under Actions column
      6. Select Recipient tab
      7. In the Recipient Email box, type in the vendor's email address to be used
      8. Click Save Changes

  Can Ceterus send me a copy of my vendor's 1099?

Ceterus will ask you to please attempt contacting the vendor for a copy if you need this for any reason. This is for liability reasons since the vendor generally is the one who needs the 1099. If after attempting you do not hear back from the vendor but need this for your own tax preparations or financials, please contact Ceterus Support and we can look into an exception.

Checking a Vendor's Filing Status in Edge 1099 Manager

  1. Log into Edge
  2. Go to Action Center > 1099 Manager
  3. Select Filing Status tab
  4. Select Tax Year > And the tax year you want to review the filing status
  5. For each vendor, review the status listed under Filing Status column
  6. To confirm the date filed, review the date listed under Filing Date column

      What if I am not seeing a filing date for a vendor? 

    Filing Dates will only appear once a vendor's filing status has been changed to Filed. If there is any other status next to the vendor, a filing date will not be added

Vendor Filing Statuses

To Be Filed Pending Filed Not Filed
A Filing Status noted as "To Be Filed" means we expect to file for this vendor but have not done so yet. This could be due to:
    • We have not begun filing for this year (usually begins the last week of January)
    • We have begun filing for this year, but the vendor is still in the queue
    • We do not have enough information to file for this vendor and is in "Incomplete" status

Why has my vendor not been filed?

A vendor will not be filed by Ceterus if:

    • The vendor is in Incomplete status under the Vendor W9 Status column
    • The vendor information submitted is proven to not be valid

       For Example

      A TIN listed as 111111111 or 123456789 is not identified by the IRS as a valid TIN number. An address listed as "123 I Don't Know Yet Street" or "XXXX Unsure Road" is also not identified by the IRS as a valid entry.

      Remember it's best to not add "placeholders" just so your status will turn to "Complete" because in the long run the IRS will not accept the filing and we will need to contact you for correct information after the deadline for an amendment.

    • The vendor was determined as ineligible for 1099s

Additionally, Ceterus may have attempted to file for a vendor but the IRS did not accept the filing. This usually happens when:

    • The legal business information is proven as invalid
    • The legal business information does not match what the IRS has on file
    • The vendor information is proven invalid
    • The vendor information does not match what the IRS has on file
    • The state does not accept the filing for other reasons than listed above

If this would be the case, Ceterus will be notified and contact you to confirm the information we received is correct. We will do our best to refile and amend according to the IRS and state guidelines. When this occurs, we may need your assistance in order to provide as much information required to the IRS as they request.

More Questions? Email Ceterus Support

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