What is Edge 1099 Manager?

We're excited to introduce to you our enhanced 1099 service with Edge 1099 Manager! 1099 season is by nature challenging. We have implemented this toolset to make 1099 data more visible to you. Within 1099 manager are a few features that should make this process more simple and more beneficial than years past.

Benefits of Edge 1099 Manager

We built Edge 1099 Manager to ease the 1099 burden on our customers. Edge 1099 Manager has proven to provide the following benefits

Ease of Use

Edge 1099 Manager is easy to navigate and proven to reduce effort of gathering information. By embedding this powerful tool to streamline the filing process, the 1099 burden has resulted with many customers feeling a weight lifted from their shoulders. 

Stay Ahead of the Game
By presenting year-to-date vendor data early in the spring, customers can begin the review process separate and apart from year-end demands. This means that instead of experience the crush of holidays ending, prior year books needing closed, and having only just a week or two to get all this information ready by the IRS deadline, you're well ahead of the game to focus on other aspects of your business and take 1099s off your list.
Track Statuses While Maintaining Visibility
With clear statuses indicated on both Legal Business Entities and Vendor Recipients, 1099 Manager brings the benefit of transparency every step of the way. From gathering information, to detailed amount breakdowns, to filing status, 1099 Manager keeps you in the loop with daily refreshes so you never have to second guess.

Features of Edge 1099 Manager

Edge 1099 Manager allows you to:

Opt-Out Opt-out of Ceterus 1099 service for the current (or just completed) calendar year
Manage Legal Business Information Review and edit Legal Business Entity (Payer) information each calendar year
Manage Recipient Data Review and edit your Vendor (Recipient) information each calendar year
Confirm Vendor Amounts Review amounts paid to Recipients in summary and detail view once December books are closed
Track Filing Status Review and keep tabs on filing statuses for completed individual vendors leading up to the IRS deadline

 Please Be Aware

Until a full set of annual books are closed for all related businesses each year, the 1099 information (particularly the amounts) should be considered "preliminary." Prior to that notification, our intent is to provide a head start opportunity for you to gather 1099 information; we are presenting information on vendors/payees specifically to provide an early opportunity to collect W9s and update the vendor profiles in Edge.

So what do you think?

Have an idea for how 1099 Manager could better assist you? Let us know by reaching out to Ceterus Support. As a valued Ceterus customer, we appreciate all feedback received to ensure you are getting the most of our products to help empower you as an entrepreneur.

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