Simmons Bank Setup Instructions

You should provide your credentials via Edge Onboarding and then add our phone number using the below instructions so that we may receive codes to log into the bank.

Before starting, please note that a time-sensitive code is involved [step 5]. Please work with your Activation Coordinator to schedule a time to complete this process over the phone. Thank you!

  1. After logging in, click Settings from the left-hand menu
  2. Click on Security 
  3. Under Two Factor Authentication, click on Edit Settings


  1. Under Add another Method, in the Voice or Text Message, select Setup
  2. Enter the Ceterus phone number: 269-359-7621
    • *Important* - When you click ‘Next’, this will send a time-sensitive verification code to our phone number that you will need to enter into the website.
    • There is only a 5-minute window before the code expires, so it would be best to complete this step on the phone while with your CSR. 
  3. To verify the number was successfully added, upon logging in there when you are prompted to send an authentication code, select Try Another Way to verify the Ceterus phone number is listed. 


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