Edge Sneak Peek Feature

Ceterus's Edge Web feature, Sneak Peek, allows users to view certain financials prior to close. With Sneak Peek, users will have the opportunity to view an additional month of books that are “in progress” on certain Edge pages.

Why Was Sneak Peek Built?

There is nothing unusual about bookkeeping being a “look back” activity. All accountants are oriented to closing books after a period ends. Most customers appreciate this cycle of work where books are viewed when closed. We discovered that some entrepreneurs prefer to see “work in progress” books. We are happy to now have this feature for those entrepreneurs who wish to see their books in real time as they are being completed.

Where is Sneak Peek in Edge?

Sneak Peek can be found on the following Edge Web pages:

Profit and Loss Balance Sheet
    • Standard View
    • By Month View
    • Historical View

How Sneak Peek Works

Upon logging into Edge, you will still see your most recently closed month of books by default. On the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet pages, you will now also be able to view a “sneak peek” of the upcoming financials we are working on prior to financials being fully closed.

    • This can be viewed by changing the Date on these pages to the current month instead of the last month closed.
    • If a set of financials you are viewing are still in progress, a message will appear in the bottom right corner saying, “This is a Sneak Peek.
    • To minimize the message, simply click on the upper right corner of the message and this will collapse.
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