Scheduling a Call with my Financial Consultant



  How do I schedule a call with my Financial Consultant?

  • Email and ask to schedule a call with your Financial Consultant and we will reply with a link to your business' dedicated Financial Consultant's scheduling link. 
  • If you have a recent email from your Financial Consultant, in the signature of their email click on the "schedule a call here" link. 

When Should I Schedule a Call with my Financial Consultant?

    • Learn how to best leverage Edge to access reports and monitor performance
    • Understand accounting concepts (general concepts or nuances within your brand or industry)
    • Review your books and or better understand your specific outcomes
    • Engage more directly as a follow up from a webinar or assistance in using a Ceterus do-it-yourself tool
    • Ask about recent developments in the broad political or economic environment or a trend in your industry
    • For new locations beginning the onboarding process that need a kick-off call.

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