Who is My Financial Consultant?

Ceterus exists to empower small business entrepreneurs. We do that by providing financial statements, reporting, and industry/brand specific benchmarks to help our customers use data to drive improved outcomes. We deliver these insights by leveraging our Edge platform that employs automation and state-of-the art technology to provide immediate access to this critical information

As much as we love data and technology, we also know that most entrepreneurs also need other kinds of insight and support. Every Ceterus customer has a designated Financial Consultant to discuss bookkeeping and accounting questions. Our Financial Consultants are highly trained experts in an industry vertical, and available via scheduled video calls. If you have not connected with your Financial Consultant yet, this article will assist.

Industry-Specific Financial Consultants

We have separated each business concept into the below industries:

Many large-name gym owners fall into this industry
Owners in the food and beverage industry
Concepts focused on overall health such as massage, wax, chiropractor, etc.
Small Business
Many other business concepts that do not fall into the above categories (such as pharmacies or generic brands)

 Multi-Concept Owners

If you are a multi-concept owner, you still have one designated Financial Consultant for all your locations. Please reach out to Ceterus Support for guidance

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