Setting Up Your Edge Account

Welcome to Ceterus Edge! If this is your first time logging in, this article will navigate you through the steps for setting up your Edge account for the very first time.

Setting Up Your Edge Account

  1. Open a Chrome internet browser

     Why Google Chrome?

    Google Chrome is the best browser for Ceterus Edge due to its seamless pairing with our software's functionality. If you are on a different browser and experience bugs or glitches, try moving to Chrome to see if the issue continues. Many customers find that the issue is non-existent when utilizing through Chrome

  2. Visit Ceterus Edge
  3. Insert the email and password provided by Ceterus. This should be the primary email you use to communicate with Ceterus

Don't Know Your Password? Click Here!

 Pro Tip

Desktop User? Bookmark Ceterus Edge to your toolbar so you can easily login on your computer's device.

Need something more on the go? Download our Edge Mobile App so you can access your financials anytime, anywhere

Download for iPhone        Download for Android

Terms and Conditions

During your very first time logging in to Edge, you’ll be prompted to accept our Terms and Conditions. We recommend that you read this document thoroughly, then agree to proceed to Edge.

More Questions? Email Ceterus Support

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