Understanding the Daily Snapshot Overview

Viewing the Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot's biggest value is the ease of all your financial information in one place. Active connections directly to your Point of Sale (POS) and Operating Bank Account allow us to present Sales and Cash balance from the previous sync. This reduces the need for you to log into these institutions separately and provides quick views to how your locations are performing.

  1. Log into Edge Web and enter your credentials.
  2. Click “Daily Snapshot” on the left sidebar
  3. From the dropdown select “Overview”

What Data is Included on the Daily Snapshot Overview?

Net Operating Income Sales Cash
Your Net Operating Income measures your profitability based on your recorded Revenue minus any Cost of Goods and Services (including labor) and Operating Expenses. The measure excludes interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization, expenses attributable to owners, and other items not associated with operations.
    • Net Operating Income is listed by location
    • The date listed is the month this figure was pulled from the books
    • A comparison is also visible between the last month and the last year

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