Exporting Reports as Excel Files in Edge


Exporting from Edge is simple and easy to do. We allow you to export a number of files all throughout Edge to share with your partners and team members as you grow your business. A list of what files can be exported are found below with directions on where they are located in Edge

Action Center Financials Benchmarks
Action Center > Transactions to Code
Both For Client Review and Coded Transactions tabs can be exported on this page

How to Export

    1. Click on the blue downward arrow located on the top toolbar of the report
    2. This will download the information into an excel file to your desktop


When you open the download for the first time, it may be in “protected view”. To view all the data, you must select the “Enable Editing” button to populate. Otherwise, the file may appear blank. Once you've selected this, you can save the file to your desktop.

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