Introducing Edge Automated Connections Manager!


We are excited to introduce our new Edge Automated Connections Manager as of June 2021! This tool was designed to help better establish secure connections with your accounts directly inside Edge Action Center. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about this new feature.

Why Edge Automated Connections Manager

This year, Ceterus discovered that Bank of America increased their online security protocols through OAuth (Open Authorization), which impacted our ability to maintain our connection with your accounts. This change meant enhanced security on your accounts, making them safer than ever before. OAuth is a standard authorization protocol that provides applications the ability to create a secure access point. It also doesn't share usernames and passwords, but instead uses authorization tokens to approve one application interaction with another on your behalf.

If you were impacted by this, you may recall Ceterus asking to receive direct statements from you while we worked with Bank of America to resolve this upfront. We realized there needed to be a more secure method for you to update these connections that was quick, efficient, and easy to use - and thus, Edge Automated Connections Manager was built!

Now with Edge Automated Connections Manager, you can securely update connections directly within Edge in quick easy steps.

What accounts are used for Edge Automated Connections Manager?

All institutions are used for Automated Connections Manager, regardless of your business industry. If an automated connection fails, we will request you help us reconnect this through the Automated Connections Manager tool to help restore the automation.

Who receives connection notifications?

Connection requests are sent to the Edge Open Item Contact, similarly to any other credential updates or item requests you typically receive through Edge. This means Open Item Contacts will receive a direct email notification as soon as the connection request is added to Action Center. Until the connection request is resolved in Action Center, these connection request items will also be included on your Open Item Reminder emails received twice a month.

 Multi-Unit Owners

If you have multiple units within one bank login, it is likely that we will need you to setup an automated connection for each "location." This means you may receive an individual email and action item for each connection related to your locations separately.

What aggregators are used to connect my accounts with Edge?

We use two aggregators to connect your financial accounts to Edge: Plaid and Finicity. Once you start the connection process in Edge Action Center, you'll see either a Plaid or Finicity connection module on your screen

Plaid  Finicity
Plaid promises to:

    • Connect your financial accounts effortlessly
    • Not sell personal information and only use data with your permission, meaning your data belongs to you

How Edge Automated Connections Manager Works

Depending on the aggregator used, Automated Connections Manager may look different. At any rate the below steps can be assumed for the following aggregators (which you'll know from the first screen after selecting Connect)

Plaid Connections

      1. Log into Edge
      2. Go to Action Center > Action Items
      3. Select Connect next to the item titled New connection request for [Institution] - [Location]
      4. A pop-up will appear for the secure connection
      5. Click Continue
      6. Select your bank requested (example: Bank of America)
      7. Enter your primary credentials in the Username and Password boxes
      8. Click Submit
      9. Verify your identity by choosing where you would like to send your security code
      10. Select Continue
      11. Enter the code received
      12. Click Submit
      13. Clicking Submit should take you back to the Action Items page where you will see a popup appear confirming your submission

Finicity Connections

      1. Log into Edge
      2. Go to Action Center > Action Items
      3. Select Connect next to the item titled New connection request for [Institution] - [Location]
      4. A pop-up will appear for the secure connection
      5. Click Next
      6. Input your primary UserID and Password to update
      7. Click Secure Sign In
      8. Verify your identity by choosing the appropriate security question answer
      9. Select Continue
      10. Clicking Continue should take you back to the Action Center page where you'll see a popup appear confirming your submission

Do I have to use Edge Action Center?

Yes, for connection requests we require users to resolve these through Action Center in Edge. This is because this is the most secure method to updating these connections and gets us these updates quickly so we can reconnect your accounts and get your financials back on track. 

If you are concerned about receiving notifications and would rather update your Open Item Contact, please see here!

More Questions? Email Ceterus Support

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