ABC Financial Setup Instructions

  1. Log in to ABC Financial
  2. In the Club Maintenance menu, click Club Login Management
  3. Click Add and input the following:
    • User ID: [see below]
    • Password: Ceterus123!
    • First Name: Ceterus
    • Last Name: Bookkeeping
    • User Level: 3
    • Email address: ​
    • Choose and make note of the Secret Question and Answer
    • Zip code: 29403
  1. Insert information about yourself when creating this username. For example, if your last name is Johnson the username could be JohnsonCeterus. If your business name is Smith Enterprises the username could be SmithEntCeterus.
  2. Select all club(s) Ceterus should access 
  3. Select Always Access All Reports
  4. Click Submit
  5. Return to Edge to provide the username, password, and the secret question and answer you created.
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