ClubReady Setup Instructions

How to create a third-party “Staff User” in ClubReady 

  1. Log-in to ClubReady.
  2. Click Staff, from the toolbar at the top of your screen. 
  3. From there, select Add A New Staff Member. 
  4. Fill out only the following “General Details” fields with the following information: a. Gender: [your Customer Success Rep’s gender] 
  5. Select Staff Type: Studio Manager 
  6. First Name: [your CSR’s first name] 
  7. Last Name: [your CSR’s last name] 
  8. Email: 
  9. Click Add New Staff Member
  10. You’re Done! Please alert your Customer Success Representative that the account has been created, so that they can log-in to verify access to your ClubReady sales reports.
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