Meevo POS Setup Instructions

Setting up Meevo access for Ceterus 

Step 1: 

Login to Meevo with your owner credentials. To successfully complete this set up, you must be logged in as a user with permissions to add users/employees and grant access within Meevo. 

Step 2: 

In the Convo bar, type emp and press Enter/Return to be taken to the Employee management area. 

Step 3: 

Click the green Add New button 

Step 4: 

Uncheck the “Is Employee” box 

Uncheck the “Enable conflict messaging in the Appointment Book” box

Step 5: 

In the username box, type ceterus#### 

(Replacing #### with your 4-digit location number) 

Step 6: 

In the Email Address box, type (Replacing #### with your 4-digit location number) 

Step 7: 

Click the Set Password button 

Step 8: 

Choose a password that satisfies the password criteria and enter it into both boxes. Enter this same password into the Formsite sheet Ceterus has sent to you. 

Step 9: 

Click Apply to set the password. 

Step 10: 

Click Save at the bottom right of the employee Main page to formally add the user.

Step 11: 

Click Security on the left-hand navigation bar 

Step 12: 

Click Edit 

Step 13: 

In the Security Role box, choose an appropriate role that has access to ALL Meevo Reports. For example, the Super Manager role. 

Step 14: 

Click Save

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