Zenoti Setup Instructions

Log in to Zenoti and complete the steps below:


Step 1: Create New Employee Profile (for Ceterus) 

  • First Name: Ceterus 
  • Last Name: Ceterus 
  • Name: Ceterus 
  • Email: ​access@ceterus.com 
  • Phone Number 269-359-7621 
  • User Name: Ceterusxxxx where xxxx is store number. Choose one of your store numbers if you have multiple locations. 
  • Password: Welcome@123 
  • Job Info: Center Manager
  • Employee Code: Your choice (example your store number)
  • Select the Employee Roles tab on the upper toolbar 
  • Role: Select "5. Center Manager" from the drop down 
  • Click 'Save' 
  • Return to Edge to provide the username you created 

Step 2: If you are a multi-unit owner, create Multi-Unit Associates 

  • Go to base center which has the main associate profile 
  • Click the Employee tab 
  • Click Employee and Search the Associate for “Ceterus” 
  • Go To Employee Role Tab 
  • Add in all centers and the roles for each center to the Ceterus profile
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