ADP Run Payroll Setup Instructions

Adding Ceterus as an Accountant User in RUN ADP Payroll 

  • Log in to your ADP Account at
  • If you have multiple companies under your login, select one to start, then repeat the below steps for the rest 
  • Hover over Company at the top, and under Accountant Connect select Authorization
  • On the Data Access Authorization Page, select Add at the bottom of the page ● In the Firm ID:* section, enter 21186055 and select Find 
  • This will populate Ceterus Inc in the Firm Name field 
  • On that same screen, select the following under Data Access Payroll Details

    ○ [✔] Reports 

          ○ [✔] Tax forms 

          ○ [✔] General ledger files 

          ○ [✔] Payroll

  • After checking the all 4 boxes, select Approve 
  • There will be a prompt detailing what you are agreeing to, select OK ● Notify Ceterus with your ADP Company Name(s) and that this step has been completed
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