ADP Run Payroll Setup Instructions

Complete the steps below to add Ceterus your ADP Run payroll account.

Once done, please let your Activator Coordinator know so they can verify access. If your ADP Company Name(s) is not the same as your business' legal name, please also provide the exact payroll account name so Ceterus can verify access.

1. Login to ADP. Make sure you are in the entity’s account that you would like to give us
access to (the dropdown menu in the top left) . If you are needing to grant us access to
multiple entities, you will need to follow these instructions for each one.

2. Select the settings wheel from the left side menu. Scroll down to “Integrated accounting”
and select “Add your accountant”.

3. Click on Add accounting firm. 

4. Select ID Number and enter “21186055”.

5. Ceterus Inc should pop up. Click on “That’s My Accounting Firm”.

6. Check the boxes next to Reports and tax forms, and General Ledger.

7. Check the two verification boxes, and you’re done!

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