ADP Run Payroll Setup Instructions

Complete the steps below to invite Ceterus to access your ADP Run payroll account.

  1. Log in to ADP
  2. Note: If you have multiple companies under your login, select one to start, then repeat the below steps for the rest 
  3. Hover over Company at the top, and under Accountant Connect select Authorization
  4. On the Data Access Authorization Page, select Add at the bottom of the page 
  5. In the Firm ID section, enter 21186055 and select Find 
  6. This will populate Ceterus Inc in the Firm Name field 
  7. On that same screen, select the following under Data Access Payroll Details

[✔] Reports 

[✔] Tax forms 

[✔] General ledger files 

[✔] Payroll

  1. After checking all 4 boxes, select Approve then OK
  2. If your ADP Company Name(s) is not the same as your business' legal name, please submit a note to with the exact payroll account name so Ceterus can verify access.
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