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Payroll Reports

PrimePay is consistently focused on making updates that further enhance our information security  and privacy capabilities as well as optimize the user experience. The following document outlines  updates to the Online Document Center and Online Portal Dashboard, reflecting a new reports  section for you to obtain copies of your payroll reports and tax returns. Additionally, you can generate  reports on-demand at any time.  

Please note: PrimePay has been making slight changes to our online document center over the past  few years, and your account may have gone through some upgrades already. Please review the  screenshots below to better understand what is in store for you as we upgrade your account.  

Online Document Center 

PrimePay’s Online Document Center was created to serve as our “electronic filing cabinet” for payroll  reports and tax returns.  

When you log in to our online document center, you may see a screen that looks like this:

When PrimePay introduced our Online Payroll solution, we created a single sign-on (SSO) portal to  link the existing online document center with our newest payroll offering. 

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Payroll Reports

If your account was upgraded to the new portal, you would have seen the following message upon  logging in: 

Following the security updates, your new view upon logging in looks like this:© PrimePay, LLC All Rights Reserved 2 | 12 

Payroll Reports

The difference is the tan header bar along the top. If you select “Payroll”, you will be brought to your  regular online document center view:  

During the transition to our new reporting platform, you may log in and see “historical reports” instead  of payroll – please do not be alarmed, this is step one of your upgrade process!  

Once your account is fully upgraded to our new reporting feature, you will log in and see “Payroll” in  your tan header. However, it will now be a drop-down menu:

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Payroll Reports

The “Pre – MM/DD/YYYY Documents & Exports” menu link will take you to the online document  center you have been accustomed to seeing: 

**The date will be specific to your account – this will be your upgrade date. In this example, the account was upgraded on  7/21/2020** 

Online Portal Dashboard 

The “Payroll Documents & Exports” menu link will take you to our new dashboard and reporting  section! 

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Payroll Reports

The key areas to focus on will be Manage Employees and Reports

If you select “Manage Employees” you have access to copies of your employee’s pay statements.  You can select an individual employee by clicking the money icon ( ) to the right of their name, or  to obtain pay statements for all employees for a particular check date, select the icon above the grid  of employees.  

Note: You can click on your employees but are not able to make any changes to their set-up

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Payroll Reports

By selecting “Reports,” you will find where payroll and tax reports are housed moving forward. 

Please note the following tabs: Payroll, Employer, Data View and Exports, Downloads, and Tax  Forms. 

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Payroll Reports

Payroll: Payroll reports are reports that can be generated against a payroll. The default payroll date  is the latest check date, but this can be changed. You can select one report or multiple reports at a  time.

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Payroll Reports

If selecting multiple reports, you are able to only download the reports. If selecting one, you are able to click “Run” and  see it on screen. 

When running certain individual reports, you can customize the report output. This can be updated on  the right-hand side of the report display on the screen. If changes are made to the available report  options, simply click on “Regenerate” to see the updated version of your report. You also have the  ability to print or save a copy in various formats.  


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Payroll Reports

Employer: Employer reports are those reports that can be generated at any time and are not tied to a  specific payroll. Rather, they are applicable to you, the employer. Like Payroll reports, you can view  one on-screen, or download multiple reports. Certain reports can be customized as well, and these  options are found on the right-hand side menu if applicable. 

Data View and Exports: The Data View and Exports tab can be used to create custom analytic  reports. This would be similar to the “View & Export Data” section of the online document center.

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Payroll Reports

We have created and loaded some templates to be used in report creation: 

Once the template is selected, you have additional options to select to generate your report:

Once your two settings are selected, click Run and the report will appear on screen. You can then  review the data or select Options to further filter or customize the report. If you are satisfied with the  output, select the down-carrot on the Run button to download a copy. 

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Payroll Reports

We will be adding additional templates in the near future, stay tuned for these exciting enhancements  and additional instruction documentation.  

Downloads: Downloads is the location to find any report or grouping of reports, that you selected to  download. The report(s) are contained in a zip file and available for 14 days after the initial download  request.  

Downloads also contains a section titled “Archived Delivery Packages.” This contains a zip file of  reports from your most recently processed payroll. This will auto-replace any time a new payroll is  processed.  

Tax Forms: The Tax Forms tab contains file copies of the various quarterly and annual tax returns  that PrimePay prepares on your behalf.  

You can select the calendar year along with the quarter-ending month you desire, and the  corresponding tax returns will appear on the screen. Simply click on a report and a PDF copy will  download for you to view, print, or save.

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Payroll Reports

Prior quarter/year tax returns as well as payroll reports, will be maintained in the “Pre- MM/DD/YYYY  Documents & Exports” section for the time being. In the future, we will be migrating historical data to  the reporting section.  

If you have any questions or need guidance, our Client Success Representatives are here to  help. Please contact 1-833-968-6288 to speak with a representative.

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