MindBody Online Setup Instructions

  1. Log in to MindBody Online
  2. Click Home then Staff
  3. Click Add Staff
  4. In the Add a New Staff Member window, input the following
    1. First Name: Ceterus
    2. Last Name: Bookkeeping
    3. Email: access+mboXXXXXX@ceterus.com where XXXXXX is your MindBody Studio ID 
    4. For example - if your MindBody Studio ID is 123456, the email should be access+MBO123456@ceterus.com
    5. Phone: 269-359-7621
  5. From the left menu, create a Staff login that is related to your location
  6. Within the permission group, grant access as Owners - this setting is required to provide access to sales reports
  7. Return to Edge to provide the username and password you created.


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