Files Needed


In order to create your financial statements within Edge, Ceterus needs a variety of files to understand and verify the structure of your business and its financial history.

Review the descriptions below if you have questions on why we requested a file, and what information is required to satisfy the requested file type. 


Build Out Costs

  • We need to understand the expenses paid outside of your business bank account that were used to get your business off the ground. This can include equipment purchases, inventory, renovations, signage, etc.
  • Please include the vendor paid, amount, type of expense, and account paid from (personal bank account or credit card, line of credit, etc.).

Evidence of Franchise Fees Paid

  • We need to understand the breakdown of the initial franchise fees paid for this location. Please provide a bank statement or other means of verifying the account your franchise fees were paid from. If multiple licenses were purchased simultaneously, please indicate this on the file. 

Organizational Documents

  • We need verification of the business’ structure and ownership breakdown so the financial statements can accurately reflect who has stake in the company and in what proportion. Please provide your organizational documents and any articles of incorporation. 

Purchase Agreement

  • We need to understand the financial breakdown of the business acquisition. Please provide the full purchase agreement, including any addendums, so we can distinguish each category within the financial statements - inventory, goodwill, equipment, furniture, fixtures, etc.

QuickBooks Backup File

  • We need a copy of your historical financials from QuickBooks Desktop. Please create a backup file and upload it here. 

Tax Return

  • We need a copy of your last income tax return to understand how your business is currently taxed and identify any special considerations. Please upload the return and any schedules that specifically relate to your business activities.

Trial Balance Report

  • We need a listing of your assets, liabilities, equity, revenue and expense accounts in order to establish the financial statements accurately. From your historical financials, please create or ask your previous bookkeeper to provide a trial balance report on the last day of the prior year. 
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