Ceterus Sales Tax Service

An add-on to your Ceterus service package may involve Ceterus filing and paying sales tax on your behalf if this was discussed during your Onboarding process. Because the nature of “taxes” across the United States (to include taxes levied at the state and municipal level) is very complex, it is important to describe in detail the services to be performed by Ceterus.

Adding Ceterus Sales Tax to my Package

Ceterus sales tax can be added on at any point if applicable to your business. Generally speaking, sales tax is not an additional cost to provide, but not an included service due to some businesses not being required to collect sales tax. If you are interested or curious about our sales tax service, you can simply email Ceterus Support where your industry team can assist you.

Ceterus Sales Tax Key Dates

The below dates are key in ensuring your sales tax is filed on time. Every now and then we may need your assistance to obtain POS access so we can file this on your behalf. If not obtained, this could delay your sales tax filings and place you responsible for any penalties or fees that may incur.

8th of each month
Use tax calculations must be received if applicable. Read more about Use Tax here.
18th of each month
Access to any outstanding POS accounts must be provided. If we are unable to login or obtain access, we can guarantee timely filing for your sales tax. If this would fall on a weekend, the previous business day is the deadline.
20th of each month
Sales tax deadline. Ceterus files all complete sales tax information by 5pm EST.

Sales Tax Package Conditions

Ceterus defines sales tax as a tax levied at the point of sale, collected by a merchant, and passed on to
the government. We will file your sales and use tax periodically in accordance with the following conditions:

Information Set Up Filings POS Configuration
As part of your onboarding process, Ceterus identifies the methodology, timing, and portal access required to file sales tax

Use Tax

Use tax is a form of sales tax, a tax owed to your local jurisdiction for the purchase of items that will be used, stored, or consumed in your jurisdiction but on which no tax was collected in the state of purchase. If you have a regular or situational need to pay use tax, you must provide Ceterus with the use tax taxable amount and related information 10 days prior to the use tax due date.

Read More on Use Tax Here

Ceterus Sales Tax Standards

Ceterus abides by the following standards in addition to the monthly due dates.

Calculating Sales Tax

Ceterus will use standard POS reports and/or other reports you provide to determine your sales tax payments which are associated to a specific physical location

State Sales Tax
We will assume you only have a state sales tax filing unless you advise otherwise or where it is clear from your POS/reports.
Sales Tax Changes
You must alert Ceterus as to any changes as they relate to sales tax rate, frequency, or payments. Where a rate change arises in your state or locality, you must make adjustments in your POS and sales tax payment portals consistent with local law/regulation. If you decide to make payments from a different account, you must advise Ceterus so we can adjust accordingly.
Online Filings
All filings will be performed using your state/municipality online sales/use tax portal. For any "paper" filings, Ceterus will provide the details you need to complete the form which you will submit and pay directly.


It would be impractical for Ceterus to be experts in state and local taxes on a nationwide basis. For the purposes of your service relationship with Ceterus, “sales taxes” for which we are responsible are taxes that are collected from your customers, reflected on your POS, and due to the state and locality on a defined periodic basis (and Use Tax where applicable).

Examples of taxes that are NOT "Sales Tax" and NOT part of Ceterus' routine scope of service

Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) Business and Operational Tax
Tanning Tax Franchise Tax
Gross Receipts Tax (or Business Tax) Withholding/Employee Tax

If you would like a more detailed summary of this service, please let us know. Ceterus may be able to perform other tax filings on your behalf after assessment with your accounting team.

Tax Notices

If you receive a tax notice, please contact Ceterus Support so we can look into this for you.

More Questions? Email Ceterus Support

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