Adding Tax Services

How to Add on Tax Services with Ceterus

Adding tax services is easy! Email to let us know which services you are planning on adding and one of our team members will reach out.

What happens next?

One of our tax team members will get in touch to walk through the details of adding the service of tax. This will look like explaining the difference between personal vs business tax, looking at different cost options, and explaining a general timeline.

When does the first payment hit?

The first payment will hit on the first of the next full month after you've decided to go with Ceterus for tax. For example, I signed on with Ceterus for Tax services on June 17, I will be billed on the first of July. 

Personal vs Company Tax 

Ceterus offers two tax return filing options. Company tax and personal tax are billed month by month and cover tax prep for your business and personal returns. 


Company Tax Personal Tax
$85/month  $40/month
$1020/year $480/year


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to for more info!


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