How to Drill Down into Line Items on the Profit and Loss Page


The Profit and Loss Statement provides a monthly, quarterly, or yearly overview of total revenue and spending. To see what transactions are coded to each line item, you can drill down into the amount to bring up additional details on how this was calculated

How to Find the Profit and Loss Page

  1. Log into Edge Web
  2. Click “Financials” on the left menu
  3. Select “Profit and Loss”
  4. Choose the location and date range you would like to view

Drilling Down into Amounts

  1. Under the “Amount” column, click the value for the line item you would like to review
  2. This will populate another box which shows the transaction(s) that make up the total amount listed on the P&L

    In this view you can:
        • View the date each transaction took place, the vendor if available, the memo or description provided, and the amount
        • Use the scroll on the bottom and right side to view all the information provided
        • View multiple pages of transactions by scrolling to the bottom of the window and using the arrows or page number links to navigate
        • Export the individual breakdowns of transactions (Click here to learn how!)

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