ProfitKeeper Setup Instructions

European Wax, Massage Envy, Restore Cryotherapy

Follow the steps below to grant Ceterus with access to submit financials on your behalf. We ask that you complete this setup now and we will upload financials once the onboarding process is complete. 

  1. Login to ProfitKeeper
  2. If the correct location is not already selected, click on Change Location and search for it, then click Change
  3. Select Setup
  4. Select Edit Business
  5. Change Team at the bottom of the page to the one labeled "Ceterus"
  6. Click Save & Exit

Steps 2-6 must be repeated for each store. Alternatively, you can provide your username and password and we will complete these steps for you.

All Other Franchises

We will reach out to Profitkeeper to request they add your location to our separate third party account for your franchise. These are based on legal entity name, so please ensure the legal name provided to us matches the one in Profitkeeper. If we run into any issues getting added, we will send you a message. The most common reasons locations cannot be added to our account are:

  • Corporate has not imported your location into PK yet because it has not opened
  • Corporate has not imported your location into PK yet location because your has not been open for a certain amount of time (requirements vary from franchise to franchise)
  • The legal name provided to Ceterus does not match the legal name in your PK account
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