LightSpeed Set Up Instructions

  1. Login to your LightSpeed Retail dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings on the left side menu, and then click on Employee Setup under General.

  1. On the far right click on the green +New Employee button.

  1. Fill in the fields as highlighted below, and then click on Save Changes.

    1. First Name: Ceterus

    2. Last Name: Bookkeeping

    3. Mobile: 269-359-7621

    4. Email 1: (Ex: Apricot Lane in Sunny Hills would be

  1. On the next screen, enter the highlighted fields, and then click Save Changes at the top.

    1. Login Name (email you entered in Step 4)

    2. Password: Welcome@123

  1. YOU’RE DONE! Please return to Edge to provide us with the login details.

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