Meevo Set Up Instructions

Note: To successfully complete this set up, you must be logged in as a user with permissions to add users/employees and grant access within Meevo. You will need to create one user per location you have.

  1. Login to Meevo with your owner credentials.

  2. In the Convo bar, type emp and press Enter/Return to be taken to the Employee management area.


  1. Click the green Add New button

  • Uncheck the “Is Employee” box

  • Uncheck the “Enable conflict messaging in the Appointment Book” box

  • Username: ceterus#### (Replacing #### with your 4-digit location number)

  • Email Address: (replace #### with your 4-digit location number)

  • Set Password, then click Apply: Ceterus123!


  1. Click Save at the bottom right of the employee Main page to formally add the user.

  2. Click Security on the left-hand navigation bar

  3. Click Edit


  1. In the Security Role box, choose an appropriate role that has access to ALL Meevo Reports. For example, the Super Manager role.


  1. Click Save

  2. Repeat steps 1-8 for each location you own until there is one user per location.

  3. Return to Edge to provide the username(s) and password you created.

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