The steps below are to setup a third party user for Ceterus to access your Key Bank accounts. 

  1. Log in to Key Bank
  2. Click Manage Access
  3. You may have to verify yourself with a one-time passcode to proceed
  4. On the next page, click Add New Sub-User
  5. Use the following contact information to create a sub-user:
    1. Name: Ceterus Bookkeeping
    2. Email:
    3. Phone: 269-359-7621
    4. SSN: 262418428
    5. DOB: 01/01/1980
  6. After all required information has been supplied, click Next
  7. Grant Ceterus access to all of the following options:
    1. All bank accounts, credit cards, and loans associated with your business
    2. The ability to view check images and statements
    3. Create a username and password (with no punctuation) that Ceterus will use
  8. Save
  9. Return to Edge to provide the username and password you created
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