Chase Bank Setup Instructions

Chase Bank offers a third party account manager for business accounts. If you are using a personal account for business expenses, please return to Edge to provide your username and password.

  1. Schedule a call with us: To complete the steps below, we will need to accept a time sensitive code. We recommend booking a call to prevent this code from expiring. 
  2. Log in to Chase
  3. Hover over Account management and click Access & Security Manager 
  4. On the next page, click Add New User
  5. After verifying your identify, use the following contact information to set-up a third-party Access & Security Manager account for Ceterus: 
      1. Name: Your Name
      2. Username: [create a username] 
      3. Email:
      4. Phone: 269-359-7621 
      5. Mobile Access: Yes 
  6. Under User account access, assign access to any/all accounts and statements associated with the business that Ceterus will be servicing. 
  7. Once assigned, click Edit next to the user
  8. Under Profile-level rights check the box next to Third-Party App Access

Important: Provide us with the username you created. Ceterus will need to accept a time sensitive password in order to finalize access.

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