Live Oak Bank Set Up Instructions

Live Oak Bank Loans

At this time, the loan portal for Live Oak Bank does not offer third party access nor do they allow customers to add more than one contacts to receive MFA codes. In order to reconcile your Live Bank loans, we will request statements from you monthly. Alternatively, you ask your Live Oak Bank contact to CC on the monthly emails they send with your statement. Let us know their name and email address so we can save their contact and note what they do.

Live Oak Business Accounts

To provide us with third party access to your Live Oak Bank Business accounts:

  1. Reach out to your Live Oak Bank representative and ask for a sub-user request form. Fill it with these details:

    1. Name: Ceterus Bookkeeping

    2. Email:

    3. Username: [Your Choice]

    4. Password: [Your Choice]

  2. When the your Live Oak Bank rep confirms our has been created, please return to Edge to provide us with the login details.

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